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  • Title: LOPOUR a syn > Home page
    Descriptive info: .. About us.. References.. Distributors.. Write to us.. Contact.. Česky.. English.. Our products.. POWERMAN HOT.. POWERMAN 98 SL.. FIREMAN.. COLLECTORS LTS.. OTHERS.. GALLERY.. This kit for the maintenance of overhead power lines was developed especially for a variety of types of work related to operation and maintenance of lines.. Tested for live working according to the EN (IEC) European standards.. more info.. WELCOME.. to the home page of LOPOUR a syn, s.. r.. o.. , Czech Republic.. Our company has been specializing in the production of high quality composite tubes since 1985.. We focus not only on producing these tubes as an intermediate product, but also - and in fact above all - on developing, producing and delivering complete technical solutions and products based on these tubes.. A number of these solutions and products are even patented.. Our composite tube production is based exclusively on prepreg technology.. The materials we use are advanced composites of glass, carbon or aramid (Kevlar ) fibres and epoxy matrix.. They excel in their high mechanical strength, and yet they are light in weight.. Furthermore, glass fibre reinforced composites display unexceptionable insulating properties, which are fundamental for electrical applications.. Our product range is composed mainly of products for the power and  ...   bearing parts of current collector is considerably reduced.. At present, LTS current collectors are being installed on new trolleybuses produced by Czech company Skoda Ostrov Ltd.. : the 14Tr, 15Tr, 21Tr and 22Tr types.. Current collectors on older vehicles are being replaced with composite poles and the new collector head type.. N E W S.. Our company has taken a part in the International Fair of Fire Fighting Equipment.. PYROS 2004.. in Brno.. There we have presented our product.. useful especially in those cases when it is necessary to perform an action at the elevated levels without a need of using costly equipment (e.. g.. aerial platform) and in the places not accessible by this equipment.. A new tool - Switch Head - specially designed to enable the turning off and on of operating disconnectors, cut-off, and change-over switches on overhead lines as well at switching stations.. The fully equipped.. POWERMAN Hot.. kit has become an indispensable tool for line maintenance crews!.. At the international workshop on icing IWAIS 2002 (organized in Brno, Czech Republic) we successfully presented the POWERMAN Hot kit to the experts from all over the world.. The kit is well equipped for mechanical de-icing of overhead power lines.. 1998-2006, LOPOUR a syn, s..

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  • Title: LOPOUR a syn > About us
    Descriptive info: ABOUT US.. - A Few Words on Our Past and Present.. We officially began our manufacturing activities in 1985.. That was the year when we convinced the Communist authorities to issue us a permit for the production of a limited quantity of composite windsurfing masts.. Despite our humble beginnings - the whole project was a side activity alongside the founders main employment - we were first in this field in the Czech Republic, and we contributed to the blossoming of the new sport of sailing.. At the beginning of nineties, we expanded our manufacturing and business activities, and legalized them under the new laws by obtaining an entrepreneurial license.. We gained access to high-quality composite materials - ones that just a few years earlier we had never dreamed of even seeing, because they came from abroad - and to prepreg technology, which together gave us a strong foundation for developing and producing our tubes.. Listed below are our most successful products, both in terms of quality of design  ...   later as POWERMAN 98 SL.. (developed to order for the power distribution company Jihočeská energetika, a.. ; operational testing in cooperation with Jihomoravská energetika, a.. ).. POWERMAN Hot kits for live working on the lines.. (cooperation with and testing performed at the high-voltage research lab EGÚ - laboratoř vvn, a.. , Praha).. Fuselages for Sojka pilotless aircraft.. (for the company AVEKO s.. All of our products are highly valued both in our own country and abroad for their high utility value, maximum operational reliability, combination of low weight and high strength, and, last but not least, their quality of design and execution.. At present, we can offer our customers the following advantages in the field of high-strength tubes:.. technical aid during the development of components or entire products from glass-carbon-Kevlar -epoxy composite tubes,.. the production of prototypes, including mechanical and electrical testing in accordance with European standards,.. short-run and series production, with short production deadines,.. products of exceptional quality and reliability, as good as any produced abroad.. Printable version..

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  • Title: LOPOUR a syn > References
    Descriptive info: REFERENCES.. The POWERMAN kits.. POWERMAN.. kits (previously sold under the trade name ENERGETIK) were first brought to market in 1995.. We developed, and continue to perfect, these kits in close cooperation with experts from two significant Czech companies involved in energy production and distribution: Jihočeská energetika a.. and Jihomoravská energetika a.. The result of this continuing development is POWERMAN Hot - the kit approved also for live working on the lines.. Today, all Czech companies involved in power distribution are equipped with these kits.. More than 1000 of the kits POWERMAN and ENERGETIK are used for maintenance and servicing by crews working on power distribution lines, mainly 22kV and 33kV lines.. The crews are fully satisfied with these kits, and their quality is so high that in 7 years of selling them, we have never had a single customer return one of these products.. It is worth mentioning here that POWERMAN kits have  ...   Lightweight current collectors for trolleybusses LTS.. The manufacturing of.. lightweight current collectors for trolleybusses LTS.. at our firm began in 1992.. We tested our first collector prototypes in cooperation with Dopravní podnik města Brna, the transit authority for Brno, the nation s second-largest city.. Today, these collectors are mounted on the new trolleybusses produced by Škoda Ostrov a.. during manufacturing, and for older busses, the original collectors are being replaced with this type.. LTS is used by every transit authorities in the country that uses trolleybusses for mass transit.. Bus drivers appreciate above all the fact that the new collectors enable them to drive faster while reducing the risk of de-wiring.. But that is not their only advantage; they also bring no small savings in collector maintenance, because the use of light and flexible sticks leads to slower wear and tear on both the carbon inserts and all load-bearing parts of the collectors..

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  • Title: LOPOUR a syn > Distributors
    Descriptive info: DISTRIBUTORS LIST.. AUSTRIA.. ISAB Industrieanlagenbau GmbH.. Karl Borromäusplatz 1.. 1030 Wien.. Austria.. Phone: ++43 1 713 3939-0.. Phone: ++43 1 718 5485-0.. Fax: ++43 1 713 3939 31.. e-mail:.. isab-vienna@chello.. at.. FINLAND.. ILoy ILKKA LILJA Oy Ltd.. PL 11.. 40531 Jyväskylä.. Finland.. Phone: ++358 14 3722 134.. Fax: ++358 14 3721 441.. www:.. www.. iloy.. fi.. e-mail:.. iloy@iloy.. GERMANY..  ...   Germany.. Phone: ++49 9141 72227.. Fax: ++49 9141 72717.. info@wbartke.. de.. SLOVAK REPUBLIC.. EL-INŠ.. Office:.. Spartakovská 40.. 91700 Trnava.. Slovak Republic.. Phone/Fax:.. ++421 33 5443753.. el-ins.. sk.. boris@el-ins.. Shop:.. Priemyselná 2.. ++421 33 5532922.. USA.. HVS-USA LLC.. High Voltage Safety and Supplies.. 6301 Warner Ave #34.. Huntington Beach, CA 926 47 USA.. Toll free (877) 822-7281.. hvs-usa.. com.. info@hvs-usa..

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  • Title: LOPOUR a syn > Write to us
    Descriptive info: WRITE TO US.. We had to remove this form due to the enormous amount of spam.. Please send your inquiries to:..

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  • Title: LOPOUR a syn > Contact
    Descriptive info: HOW TO CONTACT US:.. ADDRESS:.. LOPOUR a syn, s.. Preslova 17.. 602 00 Brno.. CZECH REPUBLIC.. Company registered in the register of companies of Regional Court Brno, section C, subsection 44807.. PHONE.. /FAX:.. Phone: ++420 739 512 156.. Fax: ++420 543 244 258.. Phone: ++420 543 244 258 (Czech speaking only).. E-MAILS:.. Requests for more information:.. Contact technical support:.. Feedback on these WWW pages:..

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  • Title: LOPOUR a syn > Domovská stránka
    Descriptive info: O nás.. Reference.. Distributoři.. Napište nám.. Kontakt.. Česky.. English.. Naše výrobky.. PROMONT SL.. SBĚRAČE LTS.. OSTATNÍ.. FOTOGALERIE.. Souprava pro údržbu venkovních elektrických vedení je určena pro nejrůznější práce spojené s obsluhou a údržbou těchto vedení.. Testováno pro práci pod napětím dle norem ČSN a EN (IEC).. více informací.. VÍTÁME VÁS.. na domovské stránce firmy LOPOUR a syn, s.. Naše firma se již od roku 1985 specializuje na výrobu vysoce kvalitních kompozitových trubek.. Nevěnujeme se pouze výrobě trubek jako polotovaru, ale zaměřujeme se především na vývoj, výrobu a dodávky kompletních technických řešení a výrobků, jejichž základem je kompozitová trubka.. Řadu těchto řešení a výrobků máme patentově chráněno.. Naše výroba kompozitových trubek je založena výhradně na prepregové technologii.. Materiály, které používáme, jsou velmi kvalitní a pokrokové kompozity skelných, uhlíkových nebo aramidových vláken a epoxidové matrice.. Tyto materiály vynikají vysokou mechanickou pevností při velmi nízké specifické hmotnosti.. Specifikem skelných kompozitů jsou vynikající elektroizolační vlastnosti, které tvoří základ pro aplikace v elektrotechnice.. Náš výrobní program zahrnuje především výrobky pro energetiku a elektrotechniku, trakční vozidla, letectví, sport a další odvětví.. Vznik společnosti s ručením omezeným -  ...   možnosti vykolejení.. Při jejich použití se také výrazně snižuje opotřebení jak uhlíkové vložky tak i všech nosných částí sběrače.. V současné době jsou LTS montovány na nové trolejbusy společnosti Škoda Ostrov s.. , typ 14Tr, 15Tr, 21Tr a 22Tr.. U starších vozů je prováděna výměna stávajících sběračů za kompozitové tyče a nový typ hlavice.. N O V I N K Y.. Naše firma se prezentovala na Mezinárodním veletrhu požární techniky.. v Brně.. S úspěchem jsme zde vystavovali náš výrobek.. užitečný především tam, kde je nutno provádět zásah ve výšce bez použití nákladné techniky (pojízdné pracovní plošiny) a na místech nepřístupných pro tuto techniku.. Nový nástroj - ovládací kolík - rozšiřuje využití souprav.. o možnost rozepínání a zapínání odpojovačů, přepínačů a vypínačů na venkovních vedeních i v rozvodnách.. Plně vybavená souprava se tak stává nepostradatelnou pracovní pomůckou pro čety obvodních středisek údržby a poruchových služeb!.. Na mezinárodní konferenci o problematice námrazy.. IWAIS 2002.. , která se konala v Brně, jsme odborníkům z celého světa s úspěchem představili výrobek POWERMAN Hot, který je bohatě vybaven pro mechanické odstraňování atmosferické námrazy z venkovních elektrických vedeních..

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  • Title: POWERMAN Hot > Introduction
    Descriptive info: Introduction.. Sectional Poles.. Tools & Accessories.. Kits.. What s New.. Exhibitions.. Gallery.. The.. Powerman.. kits have been developed especially for mechanical de-icing of transmission and distribution overhead lines and also for tree pruning.. They were first introduced in winter 1995/96 and became immediately popular and highly appreciated by line crews that have to deal with the icing precipitation on their lines.. Though the kits have proved to be very successful and reliable in the field, we have not remained at the same point but we have gone on to further innovations.. Developed with the strong feedback from line maintenance people, the.. presented  ...   36 kV or 72.. 5 kV, outdoor type, also for use under severe weather conditions.. Safe.. - Complies with IEC standards; electrical and mechanical type tests performed by accredited laboratories.. Lightweight.. - for length of pole 9m the weight is only 4.. 25 kg.. Versatile.. - operable for work from ground or shorter poles from aerial man lifts.. Multipurpose.. - equipped for de-icing and tree pruning, all in one.. Uniqu.. e - set of tools specially developed for various ways of de-icing.. Know-How.. - detailed manual including safe operation procedures and time-proven techniques of de-icing.. Recommended ergonomic methods for erection of the poles..

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  • Title: POWERMAN 98 SL > Introduction
    Descriptive info: Sectional Pole.. POWERMAN 98.. super light.. The Kit for De-Icing of Overhead Lines.. The kit POWERMAN 98.. has been developed especially for mechanical de-icing of conductors and cables at:.. low, medium and high voltage overhead distribution and transmission lines.. overhead telecommunication lines.. contact systems of railways.. The newly designed tools that the kit comprises enable de-icing by time-proven methods such as shaking down, scraping or knocking off an ice accretion.. The kit can be supplemented with a variety of tools that enable using it also for:.. lifting and handling conductors and cables in high places.. pruning trees in a power distribution network safety zone, or  ...   thin-walled tubes of a conical or cylindrical shape.. By assembling two to five parts you get a compact pole of the required length, the head of which can be fitted with various working tools.. Such a pole then enables all kinds of work in heights between 2 to 14 metres above the ground.. POWERMAN is exceptionally light-weight, which enables trouble-free, quick and efficient work whilst the physical input is relatively low.. The kit can be operated by one man.. However, the optimum is two to take turns or to carry out more complicated tasks in difficult conditions and in heights of 10 metres and more..

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  • Title: FIREMAN > Introduction
    Descriptive info: FIREMAN /Sectional Poles/.. FIREMAN-T /Telescopic/.. INTRODUCTION - FIREMAN, FIREMAN-T.. The FIREMAN kits are the equipement specially dedicated for the use by fire brigades when performing different task in the heights or when it is desirable to keep a certain distance between the place of action and the operator (e.. because of safety reasons).. The kits are very usefull especially in the cases when it is necessary to make an action in the height without using the expensive mobile technology (man-carrying lifting platforms) and in the places that are inaccessible for this automobile technology.. GENERALLY.. There are two versions of the kits.. :.. 1) FIREMAN.. (FM) is based on the variable set of the tubular sections.. By assembling and joining of the several sections the pole of the required length is obtained and the tools are fitted into the top of the pole.. A variety of works is possible to carry on with the pole and tools.. The reachable distance is 11m when the pole is held vertically and 9m horizontally.. 2) FIREMAN-T (NEW 2004!).. (FMT) is the telescopic extendable pole consisting of four or six tubular sections.. By pulling out the individual sections and locking them by means of the special locks the pole of the required length is assembled.. The tools are fitted into the top of the pole.. The reachable distance is 9m when the pole is held vertically and 7m horizontally.. Extending or retracting of the telescopic pole is very easy and fast.. Thanks to the special design of the locks it is possible to vary the length of the pole so it is appropriate for the given task.. The pole  ...   inaccessible for this automobile technology.. Extensive range of the tools for:.. tree pruning.. - cutting the dry or partially broken branches.. tearing down.. of the structures after the fire, pulling down the braches etc.. catching on and pulling out.. of the floating objects or drowned persons on the rivers and water reservoirs.. fast help to the drowning.. from a shore or a boat.. scraping off.. the released old plaster or the icing.. shaking down the ice accretion.. from the power lines, icicle removal.. raking down.. the dangerous snow deposits from the roofs and other inclined surfaces.. rescue works.. during fire, flood or other accident events.. lifting up.. the conductors, hanging cables etc.. (when they are powered off).. work in heights.. above 10m from a lifting platform (scaffold).. work for removal.. of oil spill or other toxicant substance leakage from the water or ground surfaces.. pulling out.. the objects from the heights (e.. from treetops) or from the depths (e.. from sewerage).. Old released plaster removal.. from the wall using the scraper.. Work from the ground at height.. of 6m above the terrain.. The range of the tools is continuously extended, therefore the universality and utility value of the kit is increased.. The kit occupies very small place in the fire-fighters and it is exceptionally lightweight.. Preparation for action at a river weir.. By using Fireman 8,5m with the rake for pulling 2A it was possible to manipulate the floating objects in the area of weir while maintaing a safe distance of the boat from whirling water.. Manipulation with the floating tree trunk close to the inlet filter of the water power station Nove Mlyny (CZ)..

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  • Title: Collectors LTS > Introduction
    Descriptive info: Technical data.. Composite Pole.. Current Collector Head.. LIGHTWEIGHT CURRENT COLLECTORS FOR TROLEYBUSSES (LTS).. The new lightweight pole-head assembly of current collector for trolleybuses consists of the following:.. lightweight composite pole that due to its elastic properties damps mechanical shock and compensates the thrust applied to  ...   the overhead lines.. Lightweight pole-head assembly has the following advantages:.. the maximum vehicle speed can be increased,.. significantly minimizes the risk of de-wiring,.. cuts down the noise when negotiating line equipment,.. considerably reduces the wear of carbon inserts and all load bearing parts of current collector..

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